Direction artistique Benjamin Perrot & Florence Bolton

Devotional Songs and Anthems

Musique sacrée pour trois voix d'hommes de Henry Purcell


Purcell's Devotional songs & anthems for three male voices

Jeffrey Thompson & Marc Mauillon, tenors | Geoffroy Buffière, bass | Florence Bolton, viola da gamba | Pierre Gallon, harpsichord and organ |  Benjamin Perrot, theorbo


Release on 8 September 2015 on the Mirare label 

CD produced with the support of Adami & Fcm, the Région Centre, the city of Amilly, & all the supporters of the Ulule crowdfunding campaign.

Special thanks to Emmanuelle Brochard, Bertrand Coté et Jean Nurit.



CHOC CLASSICA - sept. 2015

L'Autre Monde ou les états et empires de la Lune

/ Cyrano de Bergerac

DVD - show staged and with Benjamin Lazar & La Rêveuse


traduc: " (...) Impertinent and poetic. (...) In a very Caravaggio twilight, the actor is punctuated by Florence Bolton at the viol and Benjamin Perrot at the theorba. Sainte-Colombe, Duffaut, Dubuisson, Ortiz, charm of the musics for the chamber and the alley, married to a diction so unique, confers on the sound experience an impressive power of fascination, objective the baroque rhétoric. It is a lesson of efficiency and good taste, there at times when, most of the time, the swagger and the puffiness reign over boards "

Vincent  Borel

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Purcell's Devotional Songs & Anthems for three male voices

Jeffrey Thompson & Marc Mauillon, tenors | Geoffroy Buffière, bass | Florence Bolton, viola da gamba | Pierre Gallon, harpsichord & organ |  Benjamin Perrot, theorbo


Audio extract :

> August 30th : Utrecht Festival Oude Musiek (NL)

> September 27th : Festival Contrepoints 62, Tournehem-sur-la-Hem (62)




Jeffrey Thompson, tenor | Florence Bolton, viola da gamba | Benjamin Perrot, lute & theorbo


Audio extracts (CD Mirare, 2013) :

> September 13th, Remiremont (88)



Collaborations with the Nantes Museum of Fine Arts

Eugénie Lefebvre*, soprano ¦ Florence Bolton, viola da gamba ¦ Benjamin Perrot, theorbo


In September, in collaboration with the Nantes Museum of Fine Arts, La Rêveuse present two concerts within the framework of the exhibition Charles de La Fosse - Les Amours des Dieux (realised in partnership with the Château de Versailles).



Audio extract of the recital by clicking the link below:

https: // / watch? V=puJZ_S-jcUk


Chapelle de l'Oratoire, Nantes (44) :

> September 6th: recital viola da gamba / theorbo - works by Marin Marais and Robert de Visée

> September 10th: Amours des dieux, amours des hommes - airs by Lully and Lambert


News on Radio

FRANCE MUSIQUE : le Magazine des Festivals

presented by Stéphane Grant,

live at the Hôtel d'Albret - Paris

Thursday 20 August, 18:00-19:00


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FRANCE MUSIQUE: le Classic Club

Presented by Lionel Esparza

Monday 28th september, 22:30-00:00




Classica, June 2015 : feature "the new stars of baroque music" about the rising generation

The journalist Philippe Venturini reports about eight rising French baroque ensembles including La Rêveuse


The French newspaper La Croix devotes a whole page to La Rêveuse

A few weeks ago, the journalist Xavier Renard met Florence Bolton and Benjamin Perrot at home in Orléans.

In the 15 April edition of La Croix, he paints a beautiful portrait of the couple of musicians : their daily work, their taste for research and the meeting with other arts, their influences, their motivations...


Read the entire article in La Croix