Direction artistique Benjamin Perrot & Florence Bolton

Henry Lawes



Purcell's Devotional Songs & Anthems 

- recording - 

Help us to finance our next CD dedicated to Purcell's sacred music for three male voices, with Jeffrey Thompson (haute-contre), Marc Mauillon (taille), Geoffroy Buffière (basse).


Extracts recorded in live in live by Accent 4 in Strasbourg (April 2014 - AMIA).


Crowdfunding by Ulule until 31th october

Recording: 1-4 november 2014, in Amilly (France)

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Next concert

Les Voix Humaines - Villa Finaly, Florence (Italy)

Benjamin Perrot and Florence Bolton are invited by the French painter Pierre-Yves Russo at the Villa Finaly in Florence, for the opening of the exhibition of his works organised at the initiative of the Galerie Bréheret (Paris), in collaboration with the Sorbonne University.


Jean-Pierre Ferrini, texts

Florence Bolton, viole de gambe

Benjamin Perrot, théorbe


> 24th October : Villa Finaly, Florence (Italy)

Pierre-Yves Russo's internet site

France Musique Radio

Les Mardis de la Musique Ancienne

La Rêveuse present their new CD dedicated to Telemann's quartets and trios with viola da gamba (Mirare, to be released in Feb. 2015)


Stéphan Dudermel, violin | Serge Saitta, flute | Florence Bolton & Emily Audouin, viola da gamba | Benjamin Perrot, theorbo | Pierre Gallon, harpsichord


> 28th October, 20:00: France Musique / Maison de la Radio, Paris (75)

France Musique Radio

Musical Show

Zadig's Danse

Baroque suite for musical instruments and puppets

Le Théâtre Sans Toit | La Rêveuse

Artistic direction :  Pierre Blaise

Musical direction: F. Bolton et B. Perrot

Scenography : Ma Fuliang


Freely inspired by an episode of the Voltaire's Zadig entitled the dance, the show staged by Pierre Blaise offers a modern reading of this work, a reflection on power, human weakness, where humor of Voltaire meets the darkness of Swift. Scenography, far from Orientalism very in vogue in the 18th century, inspired by the architectures and impossible Escher perspectives.


> 7th november : L'Hectare - Scène conventionnée, Vendôme (41)

> 14th november: Ecouen - Festival Théâtral du Val d'Oise (95)

> 19th-21th november: Scène nationale d'Orléans (45)


With the support of Spedidam and Adami; Théâtre Municipal du Château d'Eu, L'Hectare - Scène conventionnée de Vendôme, L'Echalier - La Grange de Saint-Agil, Festival Théâtral du Val d'Oise.

More about Pierre Blaise & Le Théâtre Sans Toit.

Music and painting / Concert-conference

D'Artagnan & Compagnie


Jean-Philippe Guye, conference speaker

Florence Bolton, viola da gamba

Benjamin Perrot, theorbo


> 16th november : Sucé sur Erdre (44)