Direction artistique Benjamin Perrot & Florence Bolton

Devotional Songs and Anthems

Musique sacrée pour trois voix d'hommes de Henry Purcell


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Funérailles de la Reine Marie-Thérèse / Charpentier

Concert proposed on 10th october 2015 in Versailles Castle with the Pages & the Chantres from the Centre de Musique Baroque de Versailles

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L'Autre Monde ou les Etats & Empires de La Lune

/ Savinien Cyrano de Bergerac

The text of Cyrano de Bergerac is the first French science fiction novel, at the avant-garde of the scientific theories of his time. It is as well a philosophic novel and simply an exciting and funny adventure novel, remarquable by its constant mixture of irony and melancholy.


The play, created ten years ago with the actor Benjamin Lazar (Théâtre de l'Incrédule), was presented again and recorded in 2013 at the Théâtre de l'Athénée in Paris. The DVD has received a Choc de Classica and a Diapason d'Or.

This production has also been invited in 2014 in the USA by the prestigious Princeton French Theater Festival. 

> 20th feb. : Badisches Staatstheater, Händel Festspiele, Karlsruhe (Germany)

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Folies d'Espagne, Pièces à deux violes et théorbe de l'Ecole française - création

Florence Bolton et Emily Audouin, violas da gamba | Benjamin Perrot, theorbo

8th march : Scène nationale d'Orléans (45)


Abendmusik / D.Buxtehude

Hasnaa Bennani, soprano | Stéphan Dudermel et Stéphanie Paulet, violins | Florence Bolton, viola da gamba | Benjamin Perrot, theorbo | Bertrand Cuiller, harpsichord & organ

>  22 march : Semaine Saintes en Arles (13)


Summer Academy

Musique à Seuilly - 37 (2th-8th August)

Every summer, La Rêveuse offers an Early Music course for young professionals and advanced amateurs.



. Viola da gamba (Florence Bolton)

. Lute, theorbo, baroque guitar (Benjamin Perrot)

. Chamber music and consort practice

The academy is also open to singers and other instruments.


Please contact us for more information!


> 2-8th agust : Early Music Courses

> August 9th : Academy's Concert, Abbaye de Seuilly (Festival La Dive Musique)



Purcell's Devotional songs & anthems for three male voices

Jeffrey Thompson & Marc Mauillon, tenors | Geoffroy Buffière, bass | Florence Bolton, viola da gamba | Pierre Gallon, harpsichord and organ |  Benjamin Perrot, theorbo


Release on 8 September 2015 by Mirare

CD produced with the support of Adami & Fcm, the Région Centre, the city of Amilly, & all the supporters of the Ulule crowdfunding campaign.

Special thanks to Emmanuelle Brochard, Bertrand Coté and Jean Nurit.


Let's listen extracts on YouTube.