Direction artistique Benjamin Perrot & Florence Bolton

Circa Londres 1700 - Purcell and his generation

MIRARE (MIR368) - 2019

CD Release

London Circa 1700, Purcell and his generation

Production La Rêveuse | with the support of ADAMI et the Région Centre.

Label Mirare (distribution Hamonia Mundi/PIAS)



Extracts on YouTube :

. A Ground / Godfrey Finger

. Adagio / Wiliam Croft


Medias :

. Rai Radio (Italie) - Primo movimento

Ateliers de musique ancienne

Purcell and the birth of Opéra

Pedagogical project in collaboration with the singing classes of Adélaïde Rouyer and Corinne Sertillanges at the Orléans music conservatory, under the direction of Florence Bolton and Benjamin Perrot.



> 23.03 & 06.04, Salle de l'Institut, Orléans (45) – MASTER-CLASSES
> 26.04 : Salle de l'Institut, Orléans (45) – CONCERT 

Musical show

Monsieur de Pourceaugnac / Molière - Lully

After a creation in june 2016 and 21 shows including a very noticed serie at the Théâtre de la Cartoucherie de Vincennes, La Rêveuse and the Théâtre de l'Eventail (Raphaël de Angelis) resume Monsieur de Pourceaugnac for more than then shows throughout France.



> 12th may, 16h : ST Geneviève des bois (91)


L'autre Monde ou les Etats et Empires de la Lune

In 2004, La Rêveuse created with the comedian and director, Benjamin Lazar, the show L'Autre Monde ou les Etats et empires de la Lune, based on the eponymous text by Cyrano de Bergerac. This work, both science fiction and political pamphlet, had not been published during his lifetime, and we understand why by discovering all the modernity of which it is a carrier.

«Accompanied by two excellent musicians, Benjamin Lazar makes this show a moment of grace and fantasy. »
Jean-Louis Pinte, Figaroscope, 16 avril 2008

« From the outset we want to say "run it!". Rarely has a show of such apparent simplicity been able to exert such a power of fascination. »           

Caroline Alexander, webthea, 15 avril 2008

>14th may, 20h30 : Scène nationale, La Rochelle (17)

>15th may, 20h30 : Scène nationale, La Rochelle (17)

>16th may, 19h30 : Scène nationale, La Rochelle (17)


Motets for the Chapels of Louis XIV and Charles II of England

Works by John Blow, Pelham Humphrey, Henry Dumont and Pierre Robert

Charles II, when returning to the throne of England was constantly inspired by the court of his cousin Louis XIV. The anthem symphony of the Court of England thus presenting great similarities with the great French motet, La Rêveuse and the
CMBV- Center of Baroque Music of Versailles- wished to join forces in November 2017 to create in the Royal Chapel of the Palace of Versailles this program, mirroring court music in large numbers in London and Versailles.

> 10th may, St Omer (62), 20h30